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The c prototyping tools library provides generic tools for application development in plain c covering basic data structure implementations, persistence, threading and tcp and http communication.

libcprops provides a simple and concise api designed for use in multi-threaded applications. libcprops components exhibit good performance characteristics and a small memory footprint. Data structure behavior may be controlled at run time through a mode parameter to enable or disable duplicate entries, memory management and synchronization. Collection operations can be unsynchronized, individually synchronized or externally synchronized (transaction-like).

libcprops is also intended as a framework for rapid development in C. Rather than do the optimization in the planning stage of a project, the idea is to be able to put together an application skeleton or proof of concept code quickly, then do profiling to determine where the code actually needs optimizing.

Documentation for each component is provided in man pages describing the api functions. Code samples are included with the build.

libcprops compiles and runs on linux, Solaris, BSD and Mac OS X.

For your entertainment, the distribution comes with cpsvc, a web server based on the cprops api featuring support for CGI and cpsp, a c based page scripting environment. For more on cpsvc and cpsp see the cpsvc README.

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