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Compiling and linking

Once you've installed the library (see INSTALL), you should be able to compile and link against either libcprops.a or libcprops.so, depending on the configuration settings you chose. Assuming cprops is installed under /usr/local, here's how you might compile the included testhttpsrv.c program on linux:

$ gcc -I /usr/local/include -D_REENTRANT -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -c testhttpsrv.c
$ gcc -L /usr/local/lib -o testhttpsrv testhttpsrv.o -lcprops -lpthread -lssl
You may need to specify other or additional paths on different systems.

Data Structures

  • test_vector.c
  • test_list.c
  • test_heap.c
  • test_priority_list.c
  • test_hashtable.c
  • test_hashtable2.c
  • test_hashlist.c
  • test_hashlist_iterator.c
  • test_hashlist_iterator.c
  • test_avl.c
  • test_avl_multi.c
  • test_rb.c
  • test_splay.c
  • test_trie.c
  • wf.c - counts word frequency using cp_avltree
  • test_multimap.c
  • test_reindex_unique.c - test multimap reindexing functionality
  • test_reindex.c - test reindexing functionality on multimap w/ non-unique primary key

    tcp/ssl client

  • test_client.c
  • test_ssl_client.c

    http/https client

  • test_httpclient.c - a url fetch program
  • test_proxy.c - fetch url over a proxy
  • test_httpasync.c - fetch multiple urls


  • test_db_select.c
  • test_db_prepared_stmt.c

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