heap.h File Reference

#include "config.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "collection.h"
#include <errno.h>

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Data Structures

struct  _heap
CPROPS_DLL cp_heap * cp_heap_create (cp_compare_fn comp)
CPROPS_DLL cp_heap * cp_heap_create_by_option (int mode, int initial_size, cp_compare_fn comp, cp_copy_fn copy, cp_destructor_fn dtr)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_push (cp_heap *h, void *in)
CPROPS_DLL void * cp_heap_peek (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL void * cp_heap_pop (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_contract (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL void cp_heap_destroy (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL unsigned int cp_heap_count (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL unsigned int cp_heap_size (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL void cp_heap_callback (cp_heap *h, cp_callback_fn cb, void *prm)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_lock (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_unlock (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_txlock (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_txunlock (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_get_mode (cp_heap *h)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_set_mode (cp_heap *h, int mode)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_heap_unset_mode (cp_heap *h, int mode)
struct _heap 

Detailed Description

cp_heap is a generic heap implementation based on libheap and contributed to cprops by Kyle Wheeler. The original copyright notice follows.

This file (the header file for a generic C heap implementation) is licensed under the BSD license, and is copyrighted to Kyle Wheeler, 2003. Feel free to distribute and use as you see fit, as long as this copyright notice stays with the code.

Definition in file heap.h.

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