nary.h File Reference

#include "common.h"
#include "collection.h"

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Data Structures

struct  _cp_narynode
struct  _cp_narytree
#define cp_narytree_rdlock(tree)   (cp_narytree_lock((tree), COLLECTION_LOCK_READ))
#define cp_narytree_wrlock(tree)   (cp_narytree_lock((tree), COLLECTION_LOCK_WRITE))
typedef CPROPS_DLL struct
typedef CPROPS_DLL struct
CPROPS_DLL cp_narynode * cp_narynode_create (void *key, void *value)
CPROPS_DLL void cp_narynode_destroy (cp_narynode *node)
CPROPS_DLL void cp_narynode_destroy_deep (cp_narynode *node, struct _cp_narytree *owner)
CPROPS_DLL cp_narytree * cp_narytree_create (int order, cp_compare_fn cmp)
CPROPS_DLL cp_narytree * cp_narytree_create_by_option (int mode, int order, cp_compare_fn cmp, cp_copy_fn key_copy, cp_destructor_fn key_dtr, cp_copy_fn value_copy, cp_destructor_fn value_dtr)
CPROPS_DLL void cp_narytree_destroy (cp_narytree *tree)
CPROPS_DLL void cp_narytree_destroy_custom (cp_narytree *tree, cp_destructor_fn key_dtr, cp_destructor_fn value_dtr)
CPROPS_DLL void * cp_narytree_insert (cp_narytree *tree, void *key, void *value)
CPROPS_DLL void * cp_narytree_get (cp_narytree *tree, void *key)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_contains (cp_narytree *tree, void *key)
CPROPS_DLL void * cp_narytree_delete (cp_narytree *tree, void *key)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_callback (cp_narytree *tree, cp_callback_fn callback, void *prm)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_count (cp_narytree *tree)
CPROPS_DLL void cp_narytree_dump (cp_narytree *tree)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_get_mode (cp_narytree *tree)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_set_mode (cp_narytree *tree, int mode)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_unset_mode (cp_narytree *tree, int mode)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_lock (cp_narytree *tree, int type)
CPROPS_DLL int cp_narytree_unlock (cp_narytree *tree)

Detailed Description

cp_narytree is an in-memory btree implementation.

Definition in file nary.h.

Function Documentation

CPROPS_DLL void cp_narytree_dump ( cp_narytree *  tree  ) 

print tree to stdout

Definition at line 974 of file nary.c.

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