_cp_client Struct Reference

#include <client.h>

Data Fields

int id
sockaddr_in * addr
hostent * hostspec
char * host
char * found_host
int port
timeval timeout
timeval created
unsigned long bytes_read
unsigned long bytes_sent
int closing
int retry
void * owner

Detailed Description

cp_client is a 'client socket'. create a cp_client with address information, call cp_client_connect() and communicate on the resulting file descriptor.

Definition at line 98 of file client.h.

Field Documentation

struct sockaddr_in* _cp_client::addr


Definition at line 101 of file client.h.

unsigned long _cp_client::bytes_read

bytes read

Definition at line 108 of file client.h.

unsigned long _cp_client::bytes_sent

bytes written

Definition at line 109 of file client.h.

int _cp_client::closing

shutdown flag

Definition at line 117 of file client.h.

struct timeval _cp_client::created

creation time

Definition at line 107 of file client.h.

char* _cp_client::found_host

actual hostname

Definition at line 104 of file client.h.

char* _cp_client::host

host literal

Definition at line 103 of file client.h.

struct hostent* _cp_client::hostspec


Definition at line 102 of file client.h.

int _cp_client::id

socket id

Definition at line 100 of file client.h.

int _cp_client::port

the port this socket listens on

Definition at line 105 of file client.h.

struct timeval _cp_client::timeout

max blocking time

Definition at line 106 of file client.h.

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