_cp_hashtable_entry Struct Reference

#include <hashtable.h>

Data Fields

void * key
void * value
unsigned long hashcode

Detailed Description

Internal object that implements a key, value pair plus linked list.

Entries which are stored under the same index in the hashtable are stored in a linked list. The algorithm of the hashtable has to ensure that the lists do not get too long.

Definition at line 225 of file hashtable.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned long _cp_hashtable_entry::hashcode

save calculated hash-code of the key

Definition at line 229 of file hashtable.h.

void* _cp_hashtable_entry::key

key (original) needed for comparisons

Definition at line 227 of file hashtable.h.

Referenced by cp_hashtable_create_entry(), and cp_hashtable_get_keys().

struct _cp_hashtable_entry* _cp_hashtable_entry::next

link to next entry

Definition at line 230 of file hashtable.h.

Referenced by cp_hashtable_remove_internal(), and lookup_internal().

void* _cp_hashtable_entry::value

the item value being stored

Definition at line 228 of file hashtable.h.

Referenced by cp_hashtable_get_values(), and cp_hashtable_remove_internal().

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