Section: cp_httpclient (3)
Updated: MAY 2006
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cp_httpclient_set_header, cp_httpclient_set_auto_drop_headers, cp_httpclient_drop_headers, cp_httpclient_set_parameter, cp_httpclient_set_auto_drop_parameters, cp_httpclient_drop_parameters, cp_httpclient_set_http_version, cp_httpclient_set_request_type, cp_httpclient_set_user_agent, cp_httpclient_set_timeout, cp_httpclient_set_retry, cp_httpclient_allow_redirects, cp_httpclient_set_max_redirects, cp_httpclient_set_cookie_jar - control http client behavior  


#include <cprops/httpclient.h>

void cp_httpclient_set_header(cp_httpclient *client,
                               char *header, char *value);
void cp_httpclient_set_auto_drop_headers(cp_httpclient *client,
                                          short mode);
void cp_httpclient_drop_headers(cp_httpclient *client);
void *cp_httpclient_set_parameter(cp_httpclient *client,
                                   char *name, char *value);
void cp_httpclient_set_auto_drop_parameters(cp_httpclient *client,
                                             short mode);
void cp_httpclient_drop_parameters(cp_httpclient *client);
void cp_httpclient_set_http_version(cp_httpclient *client,
                                     cp_http_version version);
void cp_httpclient_set_request_type(cp_httpclient *client,
                                     cp_http_request_type type);
void cp_httpclient_set_user_agent(cp_httpclient *client, char *agent);
void cp_httpclient_set_timeout(cp_httpclient *client,
                                int sec, int usec);
void cp_httpclient_set_retry(cp_httpclient *client, int retry_count);
void cp_httpclient_allow_redirects(cp_httpclient *client, int mode);
void cp_httpclient_set_max_redirects(cp_httpclient *client, int max);
void cp_httpclient_set_cookie_jar(cp_httpclient *client, cp_trie *jar);  


cp_httpclient_set_header sets the header name to the value value. All subsequent requests on this client will have the header set unless auto_drop_headers is set, cp_httpclient_drop_headers is called or cp_httpclient_set_header is called again with a NULL value. The auto_drop_headers mode may be set by calling cp_httpclient_set_auto_drop_headers with a non-zero value to enable auto-dropping or zero to disable. By default headers are kept between requests.

cp_httpclient_set_parameter sets a GET or POST parameter with the name name to the value value. Subsequent calls to set the parameter name to a different value override any existing value. As a special case, a value of NULL removes the parameter altogether.
By default parameters are not kept between requests. To enable this call cp_httpclient_set_auto_drop_parameters with a zero mode value. If auto_drop_parameters is disabled, cp_httpclient_drop_parameters may be called to clear the exiting parameter set.

cp_httpclient_set_http_version sets the HTTP version to be used for requests. Applicable version values are HTTP_1_1 (default) and HTTP_1_0.

cp_httpclient_set_request_type sets the request type. The default is GET.

cp_httpclient_set_user_agent sets the value of the User-Agent header. The default is libcprops-(version) where (version) is the cprops version number.

cp_httpclient_set_timeout allows setting the timeout for the underlying tcp connection in seconds and microseconds.

cp_httpclient_set_retry sets the number of connection retries to attempt on connection errors. The default is 3.

cp_httpclient_set_max_redirects sets the maximal number of server redirect directives (HTTP 302, 301 etc) to follow during the processing of a single request. The default value is 10.
Call cp_httpclient_allow_redirects with a zero or non-zero mode value to disable or enable redirects respectively. Redirects are enabled by default. If disabled and presented with a HTTP 302 response the cp_http_result(3) for the request will contain the redirect page issued by the server.

cp_httpclient_set_cookie_jar allows setting a client to use a user defined cookie jar. By default all clients share one cookie jar. The cookie jar is a cp_trie (3) object.







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