Section: libcprops - cp_narytree (3)
Updated: SEPTEMBER 2006
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cp_narytree_create, cp_narytree_create_by_option, cp_narytree_destroy, cp_narytree_destroy_custom - red-black tree constructor / desctructor functions



#include <cprops/nary.h>

cp_narytree *cp_narytree_create(cp_compare_fn cmp);
cp_narytree *
      cp_narytree_create_by_option(int mode,
                                   int order,
                                   cp_compare_fn compare_fn,
                                   cp_copy_fn copy_key,
                                   cp_destructor_fn free_key,
                                   cp_copy_fn copy_value,
                                   cp_destructor_fn free_value);

void cp_narytree_destroy(cp_narytree *tree);
void cp_narytree_destroy_custom(cp_narytree *tree,
                                 cp_destructor_fn dk,
                                 cp_destructor_fn dv);



cp_narytree_create allocates and initializes an N-ary tree object of the given order with the given compare function. The compare function should follow this prototype:

  int cmp(void *a, void *b);

and return 0 for matching keys, > 0 if a > b and < 0 if a < b (strcmp semantics). The created tree is not synchronized (COLLECTION_MODE_NOSYNC mode bit is set).

cp_narytree_create_by_option allows specifying an initial operation mode. Note that unless COLLECTION_MODE_NOSYNC is set on the mode parameter, tree operations are synchronized. The copy_key and copy_value functions are used on insertion if COLLECTION_MODE_COPY is set. If COLLECTION_MODE_COPY is set and either of these is NULL, inserted keys and / or values are inserted directly rather than copies.
The free_key and free_value functions are used on item removal or tree destruction if COLLECTION_MODE_DEEP is set. If COLLECTION_MODE_DEEP is set and either of these is NULL, no cleanup is performed on keys and / or values. This makes it possible to apply the copy/ deep mechanism to keys or values only.

cp_narytree_destroy recursively deallocates the tree structure using the current mode settings. cp_narytree_destroy_custom sets the COLLECTION_MODE_DEEP mode bit and destroys the tree using the given key and value destructor functions. Specifying a NULL destructor function or functions precludes key deallocation, value deallocation or both.



cp_narytree_create and cp_narytree_create_by_option return a newly allocated cp_narytree object on success or NULL on failure.




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